Chemex 6 Cup vs 8 Cup

If you love the look and functionality of the Chemex coffee maker, you may know that there are different sizes of Chemex. Especially you may have a hard time choosing between 6 cups and 8 cup modes. 

Chemex 6 cups and 8 cups are the two most famous sizes of Chemex coffee makers. The 6-cup version has a capacity of 30 ounces of coffee. Whereas the 8-cup version can brew 40 ounces of coffee at a time. 

In this chemex 6 cup vs 8 cup article, we will go through the differences and similarities between these two chemex coffee makers.

Comparison Table: 8 cup vs 6 cup Chemex

If you are in a hurry, then before going through this whole Chemex 6 vs 8 cup you can go through this quick overview and comparison table. 

Chemex 6 CupChemex 8 Cup
Building MaterialBorosilicate GlassBorosilicate Glass
Storage Capacity30 Ounce40 Ounce
Cup of Coffee (8 ounces per cup)4 cup5 cup
Perfect forSmall FamilyAverage Family
Hight8 ½ inches9 inches
Diameter5 1/8″5 1/4″
CleaningHand wash preferredHand wash preferred
Available SeriesChemex Classic, Full Glass, HandblownClassic, Full Glass, Handblown
PriceCheck Price on AmazonCheck Price on Amazon

Differences Between chemex 6 cup vs 8 cup

You may have got a brief idea about the differences between 6 vs 8 cup chemex. Now let’s talk in detail. 

Differences 1: Storage Capacity

As the name suggests the main difference between these two coffee makers is their capacity or storage. 

Using the 6-cup version you can brew 30 ounces of coffee at a time. An average cup of coffee carries 8 ounces of fluid. So, You can make almost 4 cups of coffee at a time. Actually, that is two cups shorter than the name suggests. 

Chemex 6 Cup review

On the other hand, the 8-cup version can be considered as the big brother of the 6-cup version. This coffee maker can brew 40 ounces of coffee in one brew. That’s a total of 5 perfect cups of coffee so considering the capacity it is one cup larger than the 6-cup chemex version.

Chemex 8 cup review

Differences 2: Size

When it comes to the size these two versions will have the difference, it doesn’t take too much thinking to understand. From dimension to height, the 8-cup version is larger than the 6-cup version.

In height, the 6 cup chemex is 8 ½” long and it has a diameter of 5 ⅛ inches. 

Whereas, the 8-cup version is 9 inches in height which is only half inches more than the 6-cup Chemex. And this standard 8 cup version has a diameter of 5 ¼ inches.

Differences 3: Style

In different Chemex series, you will find noticeable differences in their style and design because the core structure is the same. 

In both of the chemex, you will find a wooden handle with a leather rope that holds the handle more tightly. And the main structure is the same. But in the 6-cup version, you will find that the bottom part below the handle has almost the same size as the upper portion of the chemex. But in the 8-cup version, you will find that the bottom portion has more height than the upper portion of the handle. But as mentioned in this 6 cup vs 8 cup chemex comparison overall these two versions have the same style and look.

Differences 4: Perfect User

You may ask these chemex versions are preferable for which type of users?

Then the answer will be that if your family has weekday morning coffee drinkers, then the 6 cups will be very helpful. You won’t need to brew a fresh pot of coffee every time. It will be a great option for you if you have a small family of 2 to 4 members. 

On the other hand, the 8 cup version is the most standard size and popular among people. Because it features a perfect combination of capacity and affordability and is perfect for any average household. If you want to have an entertaining cup of coffee every day with your whole family, then this 8 cup version is a perfect size. Or as mentioned before in this chemex 6 cup vs 8 cup comparison, if you want an extra cup of coffee for your morning, then also you can have this model.

Differences 5: Price

Another important factor to think about is the price of these Chemex coffeemakers.

Actually, chemex coffee brewer is not an overly expensive coffee brewer. The 6 cup version has an average price of 46 to 48 dollars. But if you go for the limited edition handblown coffeemaker, it will cost more. Then it may cost over 110 to 120 dollars. 

Then comes the 8 cup version which costs very close to the 6-cup version. You will get the classic series 8 cups chemex for around 50 dollars. But if you again go for the limited edition handblown version, it will cost 130 to 140 dollars. 

Differences 6: Easy to handle

All Chemex coffee brewers are very easy to handle. Chemex has a very simple structure, so anyone can use it for brewing. The largemouth helps to use the water flow through your grind coffee as you wish. 

But when there is a particular comparison, like 8 cup vs 6 cup chemex then the 6 cup version is easier to handle as it has a smaller size. So, you can manage it more easily. But the 8-cup version also features a standard size, so it is not a fact that it is hard to handle. This version is also quite easy to handle 

Similarities Between Chemex 8 cup and 6 cups

We have already gone through the differences between 8-cup vs 6-cup chemex. Now, let’s talk about their similarities. 

Similarities 1: Build material

Nearly every Chemex version is crafted from non-porous Borosilicate Glass, a material composed primarily of silica and boron trioxide. Borosilicate glass is renowned for its minimal thermal expansion, making it exceptionally resilient to heat changes.

This attribute not only distinguishes it from ordinary glass but also renders it a robust choice for coffee brewing, especially when subjected to frequent exposure to hot temperatures.

Similarities 2: Appearance (Aesthetic Appeal )

Chemex 6 vs 8 cup

Do you love to add art to your kitchen? If yes, then obviously you may go for chemex. You may think this line is a little extra about chemex. But actually, the functionality along with beautiful design makes chemex a beautiful art. 

Both chemex 6 cup and 8 cup feature an aesthetic appeal. Moreover, if you have a friend who loves both art and coffee then there isn’t a more suitable gift. 6-cup and 8-cup whichever version you buy will be in front and center in your kitchen.

Similarities 3: Durability 

The main building material of every chemex brewer is borosilicate glass. And like most other glassware glass this is not completely unbreakable. But the material used in this glass makes it more durable than any other normal glass as mentioned before in this chemex 6-cup vs 8-cup. 

It’s more resistant to thermal shock and will not crack under extreme temperature changes like regular glass. Actually, its durability has made it the glass of choice for many high-end restaurants and laboratories.

Similarities 4: Brewing Process

The Chemex brewing method remains consistent across various versions, including the Chemex 6-cup and Chemex 8-cup models. The step-by-step brewing process is as follows:

  1. Grinding the Beans: Begin by selecting your preferred coffee beans and grinding them to a medium-coarse consistency.
  2. Filter Preparation: Open a Chemex filter paper and shape it into a cone. Ensure that the three-layered side of the Chemex paper covers the pouring spout.
  3. Coffee Measurement: Add one rounded tablespoon of ground coffee for every 5 oz. cup of coffee into the prepared filter.
  4. Blooming: Pour a small amount of water over the coffee grounds to wet them, and allow them to bloom for 30 seconds.
  5. First Pour: After the bloom, slowly pour hot water over the grounds.
  6. Continuous Pouring: Continue pouring the remaining water over the grounds, using a circular back-and-forth motion.
  7. Filter Removal: Once your desired amount of coffee is brewed to perfection, lift the filter with the spent grounds and discard it.
  8. Enjoy Your Brew: Pour the freshly brewed coffee into a mug and savor the perfect cup.

This method, consistent across Chemex versions, ensures a consistently high-quality coffee experience, whether brewing for 6 cups or 8 cups.

Similarities 6: Cleaning and care

Cleaning and proper caring are very important when you are using anything for brewing your coffee. And as already mentioned in this Chemex 6 vs 8 cup the care and maintenance process for both 6 cups and 8 cup chemex is the same. As there is a wooden handle in Classic series chemex they are not dishwasher safe. But you can use the dishwasher for full-glass body chemex brewers. The common cleaning process is

  1. After every use let the chemex cool down properly. 
  2. After cooling disassemble your Chemex. 
  3. You can use dish soap and water to scrub the full body. 
  4. To clean the inside use a water-vinegar solution and scrub the inside properly. 
  5. Finally, rinse your chemex with soap and water to remove any strong smell. 


If you have gone through this whole chemex 6 cup vs 8 cup comparison you must have got a clear idea about the differences and similarities between the 6 cup and 8 cup chemex versions. In terms of the brewing process, building material, and durability these are almost the same. The main differences come in terms of storage, size, price, and ease of handling. 

If you want a coffee brewer for your small coffee lover family then you can go with the 6-cup version as you can brew almost 4 cups of coffee at a time. On the other hand, the 8-cup version is for any average-sized family and you can brew 5 cups of coffee at once for your family members. 

When it comes to price the 6 cup version is a little more affordable than the 8 cup version, its normal as the 6 cup version is smaller than the 8 cup version.

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